Challenges You May Face When Shipping Gift or Parcels to Mexico

InboundConsumers often ask their shippers questions about the rules and regulations for shipping a gift or parcel to Mexico. There are many people who have horrible experience with shipping parcels or gifts from abroad to Mexico. While a lot of people accuse Customs in Mexico for the delivery disappointments, issues and hindrances with international consignments into Mexico are often concerned with other problems. In this post, we will have a look at the problems in detail and talk about alternative parcel delivery options to Mexico such as America Ship.

First, it’s inopportune but real that there’re thieves who work for the regional postal service. Some consumers accounted that the contents of their parcels were unlocked and partly taken away, so the beneficiary only received some parts of the content. In many cases, the parcel was missing altogether, and only the packaging cover was delivered.

Second, the postal service in Mexico often loses small parcels. Having the package tracked & insured will assist to prevent an absolute vanishing of the parcel. The finest means to safeguard your merchandise is to send a large box weighing one kilogram or more. In several nations such packages are processed individually under the authorized postal stamp.

Third, about Customs in Mexico, their main objective is to stop drugs, arms, explosive materials, and illegitimate stuffs from entering Mexico. To accelerate the Customs procedure as much as probable, the paperwork should be completed properly and filed when the shipping was actually made. Customs has rights to uncover packages and check them thoroughly.

Customs don’t usually open each package; these checking are rather accidental; however, their occurrence amplifies when the declared parcel worth is more than $50 USD. It’s also more likely that your package will be unwrapped when it has a strange look, a large container with visibly small contents; gift items that are knocking; or packages with contents which can be taken as a powder are expected to catch the eye of a strict Customs agent,

Finally, while sending gift holding food stuffs you’re limited to sending non-perishable stuffs. So items like fruits and cheeses are not allowed. Furthermore, items like chocolate or cakes are also difficult to send as they’re expected to liquefy in a hot climate or shipping stores in Mexico that aren’t always air-conditioned. Also, delicate stuffs containing glass or other fragile packaging should be packed unnoticeably, but again, when packing heavily, the parcel or gift will be uncovered by Custom agents and damaged further.

No, doubt you are wondering if there is a better way to overcome such hassles. You can use our international shipping services at America Ship, and we will be happy to offer you with a hassle-free shipping experience. Ship to Mexico is now at your finger tips!


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