International Wine Shipping Can Be Hassle-Free With America Ship

IntlShippingEditededitedFinding the way through the complex world of global wine shipping is an overwhelming task. However, this does not mean that it can’t be accomplished. It can be mystifying because laws differ from one country to another. Still, unlike the U.S. most nations don’t enforce strict rules on the consignment of wine. Once alcohol makes it way out of the nation, it generally arrives to its destination without any issue. What creates the issue is transporting wine from another nation to the U.S. State commandments may prevent your wine from arriving at your location as planned when transporting to the United States. So to ignore this, it’s wise to understand the “ins and outs” of global wine shipment.

Shipping alcohol or wine from state to another nation can be unlawful. States that provide mutual status such as Colorado, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon, New Mexico, West Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin won’t be so daunting when it is about shipping alcoholic drinks from one state to another state. The opposite is also true due to the soft regulations being allowed on wine consignments to these states. What creates a dilemma though, are the other states, that offer limiting status or a partial prohibition on the consignment of huge amounts of wine. Several states need a permit to transport alcoholic drinks into & out of the state.

Worldwide courier service like America Ship provides services customized to the consignment of wine & spirits. They’re a source of wide-ranging information about laws concerning wine transport and they regularly submit this info online. Still they’ve obligations that should be followed. One obligation is that the certifications process ought to be electronic. Furthermore, a Wine Shippers Agreement should be completed prior to shipping any containers. Finally, there’re package obligations that should be fulfilled by the transporter. The packaging should be constructed from molded polystyrene whilst the box should be constructed from cardboard.

Now you don’t need to worry about the expensive international shipping cost and complicated custom rules and regulations. We handle it in a professional manner. Compared to other carriers such as USPS, FEDEX or UPS, America Ship offer a very reasonable deal to ship your merchandise no matter whether it is from US to Mexico or any other part of the world to Mexico. Your shipping Mexico problem will be now a past with our professional shipping service.

Be it to the border or to your consumer, America Ship offers more service alternatives for your southbound cross-border shipments to Mexico. Shipping problems between two great nations US and Mexico has been resolved wonderfully at America Ship.


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