How to Ship Packages to Mexico

InboundShipping items to Mexico is normal in the US and is not particularly tough for most commodities, but there is so much to learn if you are doing it for the first time. First of all, you must be conscious that it is going to cost you a good sum of money – possibly several hundred dollars, relying upon the item’s weight and dimension, the worth of its stuffing and the consignment service you employ. When it comes to ship to Mexico, you generally have an option between the U.S postal service orreliable private shipping service like AmericaShip (

Required documents & custom brokerage:

Any commodities crossing the border should go through customs. You’ll take care of your accountabilities for this from your side, prior to the item dispatches, by filling out the appropriate forms. For any consignment you’ll require a document known as a “bill of lading,” accessible on the shipping company’s website. This will serve as a receipt for the commodities shipped, a designation of possession and an agreement for the shipping facility. For commodities with a worth more than 70 dollars you’ll require to include a business invoice with the item representing the stuffing and their worth. Other documentations may also be needed, relying on what you are going to mail. For particularly high-value items, or for any commercial consignments, you must consult a customs broker to make this process hassle free.

Restricted items for shipping to Mexico:

Because of laws in both nations, the U.S postal service limits you from sending items to Mexico that hold coins and cash, travellers’ checks, checks of any type owed to a standard bearer instead of a specific individual, costly metals like silver or gold and precious stones. Other banned products comprise e-cigarettes, pork items, practically anything fragile, works that breach on Mexican intellectual possession, ammos and loaded metal weapon cartridges. Anything composed of chocolate needs consent from the Mexican Secretary of Commerce , whilst cosmetics, medicines and toiletries need consent from the Mexican Department of Public Health.

Commercial shipments:

If you are thinking to export commercial goods to Mexico, and the entire worth of the goods surpasses 1000 dollars, you’ll require an import consent. In this situation you must employ a private courier and also work with a reliable custom broker. You can avail a broker locally, or the shipment unit you picked can suggest a dependable one to you.


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